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Thread: Extreme mobs in caves

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    Even if it was mentioned that they fix it here ( ) the mobs are still there. They can climb up posts, they can phase through rocks, they can pass through the smallest of holes to attack and they clip to the same place you stand so that you cannot hit them. They can attack you from a distance and teleport back far away and through walls and doors. You need to step back in order to touch them with your weapon. Mining is very difficult and frustrating at the moment.

    You cannot run. You cannot hide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalEntity149 View Post
    You cannot run. You cannot hide.
    Actually, I've been doing both of those things.
    Quite a bit.

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    They are definitely still able to clip through walls. I wish I'd been recording, but when Rady was doing some exploring near the large tunnel we built, I watched a Savage phase through one wall, walk across the tunnel, and then phase through the next wall chasing him.

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    I second the extreme mobs problem, and add that they can sense where you are and come running from pretty far away too. Heaven forbid you should drop down into a large cavern. You will be swarmed.

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    Just watched a youtube video from a month ago. I think he was playing locally. He got so frustrated when he got swarmed by maybe 20 mobs at once and he lost everything.

    Even though I sometimes don't follow my own rule, it really is best to get outta Dodge whenever you get attacked by more than two things at once in the mines. It's just too hard to tell that you're suddenly facing a dozen mobs until you see your health meter dropping like a rock, and that is usually way too late.

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