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Thread: Various Bug Clips - Part 2

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    Various Bug Clips - Part 2

    Various Bug Clips - Part 2

    Hi, I've done a few clips of some bugs I've encountered whilst playing these last couple of weeks. Clips give a better idea of the bug and how it manifested I reckon so that was the idea behind it. Anyway because of the limitations of uploading pics & video's to the forums I've had to split it into 2 posts... This is Part 2.

    #3. Broken Tools Kept Bug: This bug is when the tools/weapons break whilst using them sometimes they disappear from Hotbar but stay in your hand are able to be used indefinitely until another hotbar item is selsected.
    Clip 1 is me chopping down a tree with the same stone hatchet before and after it breaks.

    Clip 1 - Broken Tools Kept Bug - Stone Hatchet: Broken Tools Kept Bug - Clip-1_Thumbnail.png --> VIDEO HERE <--

    #4. Fog at Lower Levels: Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but it's also been mentioned on the forums here. Whilst deep down in the caves you start to get a 'Fog' effect where even torches barely penetrate it.
    Clip 1 is the Fog effect affecting torch lighting and it's pretty hard to see anything!

    Clip 1 - Fog at Lower Levels: Fog At Lower Levels Bug - Clip-1_Thumbnail.png --> VIDEO HERE <--

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    Adding to this list.

    #5 Spinning Trees: So When i'm chopping away at trees they start spinning nearly every time. And it is rare that i actually get any wood from them. And sometimes they don't even display holes when hitting them. The spinning increases in speed over time and eventually the framerate takes a serious hit as well.

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    Well that's not something you see every day.

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    Extreme hunger causes hallucinations?

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    Well, i haven't had this happen again. But i get another bug. after some hours of play, i can't chop down trees anymore they appear to be falling when i get close. so it's kind of the same bug, but no spinning of the trees.

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