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Thread: Eclipse118's Mods with Razor & Echo's Mods included

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    Post Eclipse118's Mods with Razor & Echo's Mods included

    I've put together several Mods for this game that I decided to make to help balance/alter as well as help progress, through this wonderful game.
    Thank goodness to these dev's for making an easy accessible code to get into. Thanks guys! I can't wait to see where this game goes!

    If Anyone finds any issues with these, let me know. Ill do my best to fix it!
    I'll Also Take Any Ideas for New Ones You All Might Have!
    ALSO, If Anyone Needs These Mods Tweaked to Your Liking, Message Me Via My Eclipse118 Profile and I'll Be Sure to Get Back to You With Your OWN Customized Version!

    Here's a Short Tutorial for those who want to add these in:


    1) Place this Folder in your "Mods" Folder in your Steam/steamapps/common/Cardlife

    2) Make sure to Set to "Read-only" from the 'Properties' Menu by Right-Clicking the JSON file.

    3) Make sure to check the Mod to ON, InGame in the Mods section.

    -Website Download-
    1) Place this Folder in your "Mods" Folder in your "Cardlife" Folder where it was installed.
    ex: C:/Program Files (x86)/Cardlife

    2) Make sure to Set to "Read-only" from the 'Properties' Menu by Right-Clicking the JSON file.

    3) Make sure to check the Mod to ON, InGame in the Mods section.

    Without further ado, Here are all the mods but in separate links for the ones who want to pick and choose what they want. I've also included ReadMe's in each folder for help on each alteration.
    (Keep in mind these are altered values only, and might break with every update. Just in case I've put in the tutorial what to do)
    (P.S. I made the links through AdFly. I've taken the time to edit these for sake of ease for my Cardlife brethren. Each Click helps me continue to do what I do! Just Click the Top Right SKIP AD button when its ready THANK YOU in advance! You all are awesome! I kept the adfly off of Razors and Echo's files I collaborated with.)


    Firstly, I wanted to add the links to SoulShined's, Brassqund's AND Eclipse's mods (Not me, But I'm getting the idea this person has FANTASTIC taste), To help the community come together, like Chris_C did for the Dev Blog! It would be so awesome for us Modder's to get together and create something awesome! Until then, we can help each other out by sharing links and ideas between our posts!

    SoulShined's Friendly Play Mode Mod
    SoulShined has compiled a group of his own modifications that adds some flavor to the experience! Check the rest out at his Steam Post!

    Eclipse's Thick Crate Mod
    I wish I would've came up with this one, but alas this handsome devil (and very well named might I add) has created a mod that allows for a BIGGER Crate for Storage. I'm personally using this one on my own game atm. Great work!

    Brassqund's Craftable Resin
    Such a simple and fantastic Mod! Ever hate running out of Resin? Ever need more for "Quiet Time"? Well Brassqund has got you covered! Check them out!

    Razor & Eclipse118's Stack Size Mod
    Razor had an EXCELLENT Idea on this for the lack of space when i comes to the very limiting 99 stack. Thank you Razor!! All Credit Goes to him!
    I tweaked it like some others probably have, and set it 999 a stack.

    Echo & Eclipse118's 2x & 3x More Flora
    Echo had such a great idea with this. Matter of fact he was the one who got me started doing all of this! Thanks Echo!
    So this Mod is a combination of Echo's Mod, and my own tweaking.
    I made this mod a bit more beefier, with 3x Wood from Oaks (I Love Oaks) and 2x drops from everywhere else.
    PLUS a twist. I realized some time ago making torches underground, I was running out of Resin really really fast. So I bumped the Resin up on all drops and Especially Higher on Redwood Trees (Since they are the biggest trees in the game)
    I also, made the Crystals underground drop 6-10 instead of the usual 2-4. (It was hard to get the required 10 for an enchantment unless you wanted to dig the whole world up)

    Eclipse's Flaming Pickaxes
    Tired of being alone in the dark with nothing but a boring Pickaxe and the eternal Darkness? Well I'm not, I'm Eclipse after all. I love the dark.
    But for those of you looking to add some "Fire" to your life, I've solved the mystery of sight while mining! (Even when Dual Wielding gets implemented, you'll still be able to mine and fight!)

    Eclipse's Magnet Radius Amplifier
    With this Mod, it was a constant battle for retrieving resources and the like. I decided to venture into the code to figure out how to improve magnetization of items. I was successful! I raised it from the standard 1 to 10!

    Eclipse118's Larger Pockets of Ore
    This mod may require a new map loaded for it to work!
    With this Mod, I wanted to originally make more Ore be produced per hit, but since I couldn't find the setting for that (if it even exists lmao), then instead I took and just added a Higher Percentage of Ore and Larger Pockets of Ore on the Surface/Upper Mantle/Lower Mantle/Upper Core/Lower Core/Core so its a bit more easier for the Survivalist.

    Eclipse118's 999 Day Building Decay
    With this Mod, I altered the Decay of Buildings so that they only decay AFTER 999 days.

    Eclipse's Dirt=Copper Compact Dirt=Iron
    This Mod is sort of a "Cheaters Way Out" for the base level Ores. I will more than likely take all the fun out of the game for you, but I decided to drop it here anyway. I ONLY USE it myself, for the times I die and lose all of my stuff just to give me a jumpstart back.

    Eclipse118's Realistic Creature Drops + Higher Chance
    With this Mod, I decided that the drops were too low for the effort involved. So I bumped the Stats up to drop more resources in a more Realistic Way. As in, Bears have 4 paws, not 2. So they now drop 2-4 paws instead of 1-2.

    Eclipse118's Hunger Reduced
    With this Mod, I altered the Hunger Value to a lower consumption rate. Idling, Walking, Running, Using Tools/Weapons, etc. All at a 0.1 instead of 0.3 consumption rate.

    Eclipse118's Stronger Arrows (x2)
    With this Mod, I altered the Arrow/Bolt damage to x2 from its normal value.

    ***vvvv Only Choose 1 to Activate In Your Mods InGame! vvvv***

    Eclipse118's Better Weapons
    With this Mod, I altered the Weapons ingame (only the Weapons, not the Tool's Damage) to be higher and more durable.
    The Scimitar's have slightly longer reach for more realism.

    Eclipse118's Faster Tools
    With this Mod, I altered the Tools to Dig Faster and Mine Faster (the speed progressively moves up the higher the tier item)
    Also note, that your tools might wear down faster.

    Eclipse118's 2x Durability Tools & Weapons
    With this Mod, I altered the Durability for Tools & Weapons alike. I figured a good number would be 2x. Not too much, not too little. Enjoy!

    ***^^^^Only Choose 1 to Activate In Your Mods InGame!^^^^***

    Eclipse118's Faster/Stronger/Durable Tools & Weapons
    With this Mod, I realized that depending on your "Load Order" of mods in your Game, It would rewrite some and others if you had the same JSON file doing different things. So I compiled them all into one Easy to Use File for those who wanted to Benefit from Stronger, More Durable and Faster Weapons and Tools.

    They Also Progressively Move up in Strength/Durability/Speed as you go up in the Tiers of Weapons and Tools!


    11/09/18 = Started Thread, added in Mods for the 10/30/18 Hotfix 1 update
    11/12/18 = Added Customize Mods to Your Liking Info at Top, Addon to --Tutorial--, ADDED NEW MODS
    11/15/18 = Wanted to Bring the Mod Community Together - Added SoulShined's Link AND Eclipse's Link from Steam for those interested (and to show my thanks for such a great set of mods made to push this game forward!)
    11/22/18 = Added "Eclipse118's Flaming Pickaxes" mod, as well as took down Precision Pick/Hand mod (Thank you soooo much Devs! Way better than mine!)
    Last edited by Eclipse118; 11-22-2018 at 12:52 PM. Reason: Added 1 New Mod, Took 2 Mods down, rearranged mods from most/least popular

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    I will try this out soon, Great Work!

    Been away for a bit waiting for the mining update.
    I may be an echo but I am faster than light!

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    Great! I'm definitely gonna try them out soon

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    That Update will be Huuuge. I'm waiting as well. Ech0, I apologize i didn't spell your name right. Forgot the 0, lol. Keep doing what you do brother, I look forward to some of your tweaks as well!

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    Hey my brothers and sisters of Card Board Origin,
    For those of you who already downloaded the "Precision Hands/Wooden Pickaxe" Mod, I updated them with NEW downloads that are now fixed. The Coding was off, Sorry about that

    For those who also downloaded "Larger Pockets of Ore" Mod, I added an **Edit** above explaining that you may have to start a NEW world for the effect to take place.

    Let me know how it all goes!
    Last edited by Eclipse118; 11-10-2018 at 01:06 PM.
    "In the Eclipse, the Shadow may roam free"

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    Just a quick note: it's pretty hard to read the Edit text in yellow, at least on my screen.

    Great work though! Keep it up!

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    Gotcha LordKekz, Ill change it! Thanks for the info
    "In the Eclipse, the Shadow may roam free"

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    I'm working on a few more Tweaks, like items magnetization and how they come to you, so you don't have to walk around so much trying to find that "Lost Log" lmao.
    "In the Eclipse, the Shadow may roam free"

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    This is awesome!

    Would you mind if I mentioned this in the Dev Blog? Great Work!

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    Oh my! I would certainly be very flattered if you mentioned it in the Dev Blog! Thank you Chris_C!!! I just want to say you guys are awesome for making such an awesome game!!
    "In the Eclipse, the Shadow may roam free"

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