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Thread: Replacing VF Bundle

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    Replacing VF Bundle

    How hard is it to replace the Voxel Farm bundle? I've successfully imported the CL VF bundle into my own Unity test code, but I haven't tried exporting terrain from Voxel Studio into CL. How badly am I going to break things?

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    I'm not sure :P I'd hope that it would all go OK but it really may not. We don't do any massaging of the data we load so hopefully your data will just work but I can't say with out trying it.

    We have made quite a few changes to the Voxel Farm code to support the layers of cardboard look we have but that should work with a different data bundle.

    Although, now that I think about it the materials may appear different. In GameData/Terrain.json there is a value "ID". This is the terrain ID from VF so if you start seeing a difference between what you expect from VF and what you get in CardLife then that is where to look.

    Also, depending on how you are running your server, remember that the you need the same bundle in the server and the client. If you are running Single Player from the client that will work automatically but if someone else is connecting to the server you are running then they will both need the same bundle. In general, what you see on the client will be loaded from the local VF bundle but the resources drops after a dig will be calculated by the server so if they are out of sync you will probably not see any resource drops, or they'll be the wrong type.

    As far as I can remember right now that's all the gotchas to look out for. If you see any weirdness then ask away. Hopefully this does work for you

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    Taking a deep breath, I tried to throw the new VF bundle into a single player game. The result:

    So, the basic theory works at least. I need to look at how things like plantings map into this, otherwise it'll be a very bleak landscape filled with nothing more than wolves and bears.

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    Good job! Not sure why the trees haven't appeared. They're spawned by the parameters in FloraSpawn.json where the Areas come from FloraPlantingRules.json. My first guess would be to expand the rules on height.

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    I need to come back to this one now I've got material IDs etc figured out!

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