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Thread: Stack Size Mod?

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    Lightbulb Stack Size Mod


    Move the .json file to: C:\Games\CardLife\Mods (Or wherever you installed the game and into the Mods folder)
    After Installing set the .json file to Read Only in the Properties.

    This mod sets the stack size of things to 500!

    I made this mod because I felt like 99 was too small.

    Download Link:
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    Whoa, my inventory is full of so much wood now! Nice mod!

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    I am having 1 issue but im not sure if its to do with my mod, Echo's mods or the game still being under devolpment but the other day I was unable to replace dirt or stone on the ground. Ill be doing more testing and post back here when/if I find a solution.

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    @Razor1450A My mod was outdated and anyways I have made the mod Just double the Wood drops.
    I may be an echo but I am faster than light!

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    Yeah did this mod also.. Made it for 999 tho. Messed with the character stats, no hunger and also the speed of the hands for farming. Fun and easy to change it looks.

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