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Thread: Where are all the metals?

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    Hey Zinc and MalakHan,

    I can confirm that the location of ores did change with yesterday's update as part of the Reactive World implementation. The idea behind the ores resetting position is that imagine tectonic plates shifting in an earthquake repositioning ores and cave distribution in the world. That's the idea behind this system, as the world is affectively being filled in again.

    Here's a quote from DevBlog 93 to explain further

    Reactive World

    The following explanation is only relevant to official multiplayer servers - this does not affect singleplayer or player hosted servers.

    The intention for the official gameplay servers on CardLife is that they last forever and the server that you pick becomes a persistent home for your character. Obviously this leads to certain challenges in terms of performance and resource management. Let me explain - the world is a finite place and over its lifetime could potentially house 10000s of players. Each one of those players can edit the terrain, place structures and mine ores. If we did nothing eventually the server would run out of ores, have millions of terrain edits and have millions of buildings - this would be bad for both players trying to find materials and the performance would be really poor.

    So, we need a way of cleaning up the servers over time so they don’t become unplayable without actually affecting normal gameplay. This would entail 3 things:

    1. Removing old structures of players who no longer play
    2. Replenishing the ores in the world
    3. Resetting edits in the world

    This is where our Reactive World comes in - which if you have ever read the planned features on our homepage says:

    ”From earthquakes that reshape the world to game changing events that awaken the toughest monsters. Every edit has a consequence.”

    But what does that actually mean? As we continue development, the Reactive World system will be introduced via several phases.

    For our first phase we want to implement a system that triggers in-game natural disasters like earthquakes that causes old unmaintained structures (i.e. buildings owned by players who no longer play) to fall down leaving their contents to be salvaged by lucky treasure hunters. As part of this ores would disappear and reappear in new locations and terrain edits (i.e. tunnels, flattened mountains etc) to be reformed back to their original state as the cardboard tectonic plates shifted beneath the world.

    The script that runs this system was activated yesterday which is why you will have seen ores change places in the world. This will happen whenever we go into maintenance going forward. I will add this information to the maintenance post template when we announce the downtime, so you guys are aware. Apologies for not mentioning this for yesterday's maintenance, that was on me for not understanding how this system works.

    Once we've implemented Earthquakes in-game this terrain reset will happen randomly and only on Official Servers so be aware of that going forward.

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    @Andy_G thanks for explaining that this surprise ore change was the reactive world system. Now, though, I'm uneasy about how the reactive world seems to work. Simulating earthquakes and tectonic shifts is interesting, but it should happen in a way that makes sense. What we experienced was some ores simply vanishing and others appearing without any changes in terrain or cave structure at all. Earthquakes don't transmute elements or randomly cause material to pop in and out of existence. Material that was present gets moved up, down, or sideways but it is still there. In contrast, this event was completely un-tectonic and random.

    I've long thought that CardLife is much too riddled with caves and that ores should be more concentrated into fewer, larger veins. I realize the reactive world system won't help with any of that, but at least it should function in a way that makes the world better to play in. You need to make sure that "reactive world" doesn't become "random world". Can the dev team please continue to work on this system?

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    Thanks for the reply - I really skimmed that devblog.

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    @Andy_G Thanks for the update. I have taken some time, moving all around the map and tried mining in many different areas. I always start by digging into the side of a mountain then building stairs going straight down. I go down past the dense rock layer. I am still finding very low levels of ore to mine. I like the idea of a "reactive world" but still think you should increase the number of veins and make the veins larger. Most of the veins that I am finding have less than 5-10 ore.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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    Yeah I find most the metals deep underground. Usually guarded by higher mobs like Goblin Berserkers, Corrupted Spiders , and the Golems. So dig carefully and be prepared. Can hit the ores and mobs quickly if dig straight down. Working on tungsten atm myself and usually take the quick ride up from the fall thru the world at times bug or not bug. Or dig diagonally upwards.

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    I wanted to post a followup to our ore search. I have gone all the way down to the 'core stone' and do see more ore. I can find Copper, Iron, lots of Gold, Tungsten, Thorium, Meteorite, Titanium, and Carborundum. What I am not finding much of is Cobalt. When I do find a Cobalt vain it is small and only gives 2-5 Cobalt.
    Can you please increase the amount of Cobalt on the map and can you tell us when Age 3 might be released?

    Also, the number of mobs is still really high in the caves.

    Link to types of ore:

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    It is random. I have found lots of cobalt ore deep, at first I also thought there was none or very little. I just try different locations and go down, down, down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffJr99 View Post
    It is random. I have found lots of cobalt ore deep, at first I also thought there was none or very little. I just try different locations and go down, down, down...
    Dunno man. I've been in lots of locations and I'm at the core. I am not seeing much Cobalt.

    In the last two days, I've picked up two stacks of Titanium, tons of gold, at least two stacks of Tungsten, but only aobut 30 pieces of Cobalt.

    The balance is way off, unless there is some plan to make the top ore in each age be much harder to find than even the lowest ore in the next age.

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