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Thread: Can't play singleplayer

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    Exclamation Can't play singleplayer

    I can't play singleplayer or my own hosted server. When ever i try it it gives error at %20 at loading screen. And error says ; Server not found.

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    Hey Tourens0,

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. Could you send us some log files please? If you go to the install directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\CardLife\) and then copy the files named outputLog*.txt where the * is a number. You're probably best sending them all in really.

    Send them to with a detailed description of the error like you have in this thread. We'll be able to debug and help you then.

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    Can't send them all. " Too many files are attached." error. I sent 4 of them. I had 10 :/

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