Does anyone agree that terraforming and debug tools to mod the world via-ingame would be amazing? people could create their own custom terrain maps and amazing biomes and areas to explore. We could call this "Creative++"
I know that currently there are many things possible to explore with the JSON files. But I've never come across any kind of "BTools" or "Debug Tools" or any kind of Terrain Modding Tools... If someone could somehow figure out how to add something like this, I would be extremely Appreciative. Who knows, Maybe even Cardlife Developers will add some amazing tools like these one day

Oh and by the way, if you don't know, what I mean by BTools or Debug Tools, are like Special Admin tools, some games have these, and they allow you to pick up game objects, move them up down left right etc etc, resize them, copy them, delete them, and then of course if it even got to the point of someone really wanting to make the terrforming tools, i bet someone could make like a little UI, where you can cut out cardboard areas of the world and size the brush, then change the building materials or change the speed etc etc. A mod like this would be quite honestly Amazing.