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Thread: Accessing texture files

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    Accessing texture files

    Am I daft and missing something or is there an easy way to access texture files? Can I unpack one of the bat files somewhere or something? Does anyone have any further information for me on this please? I would love to mess around with some modding, but cannot for the life of me understand what texture files I am even referencing in the first place.

    Please help.

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    The texture file is not accessible at this time, it's located within the binary asset files.
    With nodding, the texture used is based upon the parsed text from the json files (I can't remember which one right now).

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    Cheers. Was looking through the CardTypes.json file which I think may be what you are referring to? However it references a materials folder that I cant seem to access. I can only assume it is unpacked at runtime? And doing a quick read it appears that messing with .meta files can be quite tricky as they need Globally Unique Identifiers and if you accidentally screw that up you can cause some big problems.
    Guess I will just have to be patient like everyone else.

    Wondering if I can just create a "Materials" folder, and throw a test .png in there, then refer to that in a modded json file. I guess it either flat-out wouldn't work or be screwy because it lacks the texture import settings required? But I'm really just guessing here.
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    LIMITED SUCCESS!!! Turns out you don't even mess with texture files at all, but link to cardtypes instead. Only working on modded single-player and I assume would effect the material on every PC model in multi (if it worked, not sure why it isn't)


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    Turns out you can create your own CardType in CardTypes.json. Then you can mess with face material, edge material and thickness. You can also apply these new CardTypes to the player in PC_Static.json to various body parts. I suggest doing these to duplicate files created in the "Mod" folder. This is an example of the result you can achieve.


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    I am afraid, I did not get it right. Is there a cardtyp for the customized models (Avatar) I could not find it. Do I just to overwrite it with e.g. the cardtyp from gold?

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    the custom CardTypes "CustomCard01" and "CustomCard02" I added to the CardTypes.json. Then I edited the PC_Static.json so that each CardType was one of the custom CardTypes I created.

    CardType_Custom - Copy.png


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    Ok, but where is the PC_Static.json file located? I can not find it where the others are located- or do I oversee them?

    By the way: Thank you for your patience...

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    The PC_Static.json is within the PC_Static folder within the ExportedModels folder. Should look something like this D:\Games\CardLife\GameData\ExportedModels\PC_Stati c

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