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Thread: "Server not found" bug preventing any gameplay

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    Unhappy "Server not found" bug preventing any gameplay

    I've just bought CardLife a couple hours ago and tried to load into singleplayer / multiplayer worlds several times. Each time, it loads a bit and then just says, "server not found." I can then acknowledge this and it will close the game. This is preventing me from playing

    Also, there is a minor glitch where leaving the loading screen sitting there after an error will cause the bar to untie from progress and start going up past 100%. I tabbed out for 15 minutes and when I came back it was at a rather comical 257%.

    EDIT: I was able to join a Multiplayer server. Singleplayer still does not work though
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    same here I tried to play singleplayer but it did exactly like you said loaded a little then said server not found I did this a couple of times.

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