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    dat files

    Every time, after playing a game, on the root of my hard drive where game is locating, creating ten dat files (0.dat - 9.dat) and one keys.idx. How to disable this?

    Thank you!

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    I'm pretty sure the 0-9 files are you hotbar slots. I don't know what the keys file is. But you can at least delete the 0-9 files and they will be remade every time you reload your game. They are emptied after you close the game. How to disable them, I don't think there is a way. The game uses them as temporary storage. In C++ at least there is a way to create a temporary file that gets deleted after the application closes. If there is one in the games source language, they could change the reference to those files to make them temporary, then these files would not appear.

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    It would be great if the game did not take a crap in my root directory on every launch. No Offense

    No matter than programming language. There is ALWAYS a way to tell your files where to live, temporary or not.

    - np
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    Hi everyone, I'm so sorry this is happening! This was totally not intentional and I do want to get it fixed as soon as possible. To be honest I thought I had disabled the saving of those file, obviously not.

    So we are doing a release early next week. We are still getting that release ready but when I run that build it no longer creates those files. Do you mind waiting a few days to see if that build fixes the issue for you?


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    A little wait is fine. They really don't cause any problems, their just there. Its a bug and its being worked on. I at least expected these bugs when I bought the game.

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