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Thread: Game Breaking Placement Bug

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    Game Breaking Placement Bug

    Okay so, I managed to get a hold of a copy of the game from Green Man Gaming. I could not purchase the game directly from the CardLife website. I haven't had an issue with purchasing games before, so the only thing I can figure is that it is a small problem on the money handlers end. *can't remember the name*

    Anyway, that's not my main concern. Do keep in mind, I more than understand that this game is still very young and I do not mind supporting developing games at all.. BUT! Was trying to give this a test run to see if it is something my boyfriend and I would be interested in playing. The answer? Yes!.. Assuming this one bug can get patched soon or someone has a fix for it. I just spawned in and decided to start digging for whatever reason. Picked up some dirt and wanted to place it down so I could create a flat area. For starters, I couldn't really place the dirt. It wouldn't let me. After attempting to place the dirt, I figured that maybe that feature hasn't been implemented yet. I walked over to a tree to try and collect resources.. And go to find out, I couldn't interact with anything. No matter how much I hit the trees, the ground, the bushes.. Nothing would harvest. I checked my net just to make sure it wasn't my connection and my net is fine. Logged out, then back in and everything was fine. Collected some resources, made a sword, then tried placing the dirt down again to see if it was just a random glitch. To my dismay, I couldn't interact with anything. I could switch what I had equipped, could open my inventory and could even fight mobs that were roaming around without any issue BUT I could not harvest any resources at all. Logging out, then back in fixed the problem again.

    Now, this isn't really a game changer for me but I was getting some FPS drops every so often, kind of like how MineCraft does if you travel to quickly in one direction. Not sure if that is caused due to how the game engine works with buffering things in or an issue with optimization. I do have a beefy computer; can post specs if wanted. Just figured I'd mention it though. Again, it isn't something that really bothers me at all. Ark taught me to just deal with the FPS-drop spikes. Haha.

    Am hoping this gets forwarded to the devs! I would really like to see this game shine. It's hands down on the most unique creations I've ever seen. Given a few bug fixes, I can see myself logging far to many hours on this gem.

    **note** I do apologize if I am putting this in the wrong section of the forums. I am TERRIBLE when it comes to posting things in the right places.. Heh
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    Hey Ferron,

    First of all, welcome to the game! Sorry to hear that you came across one of our rarer bugs. For the time being just keep dirt in your inventory, don't drop it, and you'll avoid it corrupting your ability to interact with the environment. I've passed on the bug to our QA team and they'll debug it with code ASAP.

    On the optimisation front, we definitely need to make improvements there and we have several of our code team working on just that. Obviously we want as many people in the world to play CardLife as possible and its performance is currently holding back the game abit.

    Thanks for the kind words about the game as well, it helps motivate us to squash all those annoying bugs.

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