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Thread: Out for a few weeks and now my character is gone

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    Thanks for the response. I'm starting to get the feeling that the game is not for me in its present state. My biggest excitement about playing is being able to build some cool stuff and your very reasonable points make clear that this is probably not really possible right now. I don't really have that much spare time so I'll have to decide if this is really the place to use it. I'll have to think on that.

    Not on my private computer right this second, but I'm still curious: are the log files versioned? Am I going to be able to *find* a log file from before everything disappeared?

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    So, on the private computer now, sending the logs off.

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    I think it's time for some official FreeJam response on what's been happening with server 6 (I don't know if there have been similar issues on other servers).

    Two other threads in the main forum over the last couple weeks have not been responded to adequately: (1) ; (2) . In the first thread, I suggested: "A great way to close this thread would be to report back here on what went wrong, how it was fixed, and what players should do if it happens again!" The thread was closed when buildings suddenly reappeared -- probably because of installing the new update -- but no explanation was given of what went wrong in the first place, nor what we should do next time. Well, days later the next time happened and this time not just buildings but everything was wiped.

    We are all prepared to experience server resets, but that does not mean they should be a surprise and then go unacknowledged by the development team. If a reset (or similar major event) is planned, it should be announced at least 48 hours in advance. If for some strange reason an immediate reset is unavoidable, then at least announce it after the fact with some explanation. If a major server event happens through human mistake or system failure, than that too should be acknowledged as soon as it is discovered. Bottom line: communicate with us! As early adopters, we tend to be a resilient and understanding bunch but we are also paying customers and deserve more information about what is affecting us.

    This is especially important if FreeJam wants us to be a valuable resource in this pre-release period. If someone screws up and some amazing thing I built goes *poof* forever, just say so and I'll get over it. But it's harder to get over bad communication. Some players on server 6 have said they are quitting for this reason (and who knows how many haven't bothered to complain) and they are the most mature and accomplished players I know, so they should be the most valuable to FreeJam. We will see how the specific issue in this thread comes out, and whether it convinces Bremidon to quit as well. I just hope these communication problems won't result in bad PR for what should become a very successful game.

    FreeJam, please take note here: ramp up your efforts to fully communicate with and support your early adopters!!!

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    I'm kinda bummed right now. I was hoping to get something from the Devs, even if it was just a "thanks, we'll look into it and let you know". I still have my fingers crossed.

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    Could one of the Devs let us know what the status is right now? Thanks.

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    First of all I am sorry you have had a bad experience. We are working as hard as possible to make it better.

    To be clear we have NOT reset any servers and the fact we are having these issues is due to the number of edits/buildings on those servers which is hard to debug to try and find out what is happening.

    I will pass this thread onto our Lead Coder Bri to have a look and then to see if we can evaluate what is going on.

    @Zinc I saw your request for information to say how did we fix it etc The truth of the matter is we haven't fixed it yet - we just restarted the servers in the short term to see if that helped which it did - but we are still looking into this.

    Rest assured this phase of development is purely around trying to fix these game breaking bugs and you guys posting about it is really helping us - so thanks a lot. I know it can be frustrating when things like this happens but we're a small team trying to make a big game


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    Rich, thanks for the response. It makes a huge difference to know we have been heard and that a major issue is being worked on. Please keep us informed about your progress and the final outcome.

    I assume you guys have more to do every day than is possible for a small team, and handling player problems only adds to the list (indeed, it seems you haven't had time to read the forums for a while). But a minimal amount of candid and prompt communication works wonders. If you can think of a better way to interact with players, we would welcome it.

    Perhaps it would be useful to set up a new forum category called "CardLife Servers" -- or even one category for each server -- and use it to post notifications of server resets, updates, shut downs, problems etc. Players can report the server-wide issues they notice and you can sticky them until they are resolved.

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    Here is my update re. server 6:

    In terms of talking to the community we are just realigning our team at the moment so there has been a little lull. This has mainly been due to the fact Sam (who was our CM) has recently left and Andy has replaced him who is just getting up to speed on all of our communication channels amongst all of his other duties.

    Rest assured we are monitoring all channels and we will be back to our regular activity once the team has settled down

    Also note any official servers wipes will be heavily advertised beforehand.

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    I'm on server 6. I never really lost all my items (just my iron sword). This morning though, the game froze several times, booting me off. That hasn't happened before, and after 4 or 5 restarts It stopped happening again.

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    As I started this thread, I wanted to just say thanks for getting back to us. This does not really reduce the sting of the loss, but at least I sort of know what happened. I hope our loss has at least led to some improvements to avoid something similar happening in the future.

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