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Thread: Out for a few weeks and now my character is gone

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    Out for a few weeks and now my character is gone

    Was there a server reset? I came in to Server 6, and my character has nothing, I did not start at one of my beds, and I'm nervous that everything I built is gone.

    Did I miss something while I was away?

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    Welp, after catching up with a few people, I can say that the server was not reset.

    Is there *any* chance you can get me hooked back up again on Server 6? Thanks.

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    I would say not - if everything is gone I'd say it's gone for good.

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    There was a glitch a week or so ago that made all previously built structures invisible, ( ). They have patched the game a couple of times since then and every patch makes the game worse, First patch i ended up logging back into the game with nothing in my inv and spawning in the far north so had to make a naked run back to my place at C2 and just logged back in after reading your thread and once again all the buildings are gone and all my storage is gone.

    The last time this happened it coincided with the devs doing a server restart which it appears to have temp fixed the invisible buildings, So the bug might still be there and this is what is happening because i can not find any mention of a server wipe on server 6. At this point i give up with the game, I know the game is pre alpha but if you are going to make the game available to the public then it has to be atleast playable and at the moment there is just too many issues to make it worthwhile to sink any amount of time into when months of work can be gone overnight and Devs response to sorting issues is too slow or the issues are just plain ignored.
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    I can live with temporary bugs, but considering the amount of time I already sank into the game, it does make me really sad to come back and have all my stuff just gone.

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    Not Having a Go at you guys so don't think that, but Honestly everyone should Change there mindset concerning a Pre-Alpha game. The Game is in Raw development with
    very little Content so this means the game will crash, not load, fall through world,character wipes,world gen hiccups,crash,crash and 1000 other things that will go wrong
    and as a founder we have paid a Paltry $6 to play around and test the game give feed back,ideas and send in bug reports as they occur. You cannot go into a game like
    this thinking nothing will happen to your builds or inventory, if you play the game with full knowledge that maybe Tomorrow it will all be gone you should be o.k and if
    in that case tell the devs Server ? has hiccuped my build was location blah blah and it's vanished and send them your log files so they can investigate what happened
    on the server and fix what ever bug that may have occurred - I've seen some really bad comments directed at the devs for bugs and other stuff and find it
    totally unwarranted so lets INFORM the Devs not berate them when something Happens and help make a Great Game I know Cardlife can Become.


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    Well, I know you can't be having a go at me, because all I said is that I would be really sad. I really put some time into some the stuff that I did and I think it's an appropriate emotional response to be sad to lose it all, even if I recognize that this is pre-alpha.

    I guess when I understood that there might be bugs, I thought that meant that hunger might be bugged (it biggie), that we could fall through the world (we biggie), that some mechanisms like recovering stuff after death might not quite work right (they don't...annoying, but I lived with it), that the aggro on monsters was off (it was...oh well), that colors might be off, that the building system needs work, that not much content is there, and so on. In other words, I thought that the game would be buggy and sometimes annoying. I did not and do not expect that hundreds of hours of construction is simply *poof* gone. If I were to play as if this is what I should expect, than I doubt that I will find the motivation to grind out constructions that take longer than a few hours. Somehow, I don't think that is what anyone wants.

    To be honest, I still don't; I'm sure one of the creators will give me a hand soon. I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody has gotten back to me; they have been better about that in the past. I assume that they are really busy and will get to me soon.

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    Well Hopefully from the log you have sent in they can find out what happened.

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    I'm hoping someone will get in touch with me (maybe on this thread) so that we can find out what happened. Even if my stuff can't be saved, at least it might prevent someone else having to go through this. What I would want to know is:

    1. What exactly should I do to create a log that will help you developers

    2. Who should I send it to; should I just send it to the normal support or is there someone else that should see this.

    3. What else can I do to help expedite this

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    Caveat: I don't work for FreeJam.

    Sorry to hear of your pain Bremidon, it sucks when things you've put time into appear to disappear. In terms of log files, they should be in C:\Games\CardLife\Logs\ (or wherever you installed CardLife to), and they should have the date and time as part of the filename. If you are going to send log files for this issue, I'd suggest that you:

    • Send the logfile the game before everything disappeared.
    • Send the logfile the game that you played where things had disappeared.
    • Send them to
    • Make sure you include a description of what happened
    • Make sure you include your login name, so your character can be identified.

    While I know that you're upset at the moment, CardLife might not be in a state where you want to build masterpieces if you want to avoid losing them. In my experience with development previously, the general stage of development* tend to look a bit like:

    • Proof of concept - it'll work fine, but be highly boring because it only demonstrates an aspect of game play. We, the players, don't see these builds.
    • Dev - it'll break in so many different ways, but it's a stepping stone on having something good. We, the players, don't see these builds either.
    • Internal testing - it'll break in so many different ways, but it's a stepping stone on having something good. We don't see these builds either.
    • Pre-alpha - expect to encounter critical bugs that will make the game unplayable, including data loss. Support is highly limited.
    • Alpha - expect serious bugs that may make the game unplayable, including data loss. Support is highly limited.
    • Beta - expect bugs that make the game frustrating and less enjoyable with the occasional crash. Support is more available.
    • Release - there'll be a few corner cases that will affect a few people, but most of issues should have been resolved. Support should be fully available.

    This is why, generally, I try to avoid anything earlier than beta phases. On another MMO I have been playing recently that was in alpha, a wipe was required about once every two weeks in order to keep things working. CardLife is not a finished product by any stretch, and I'd recommend not building a labour of love unless you're willing to hold it lightly. Once the game is hits the release phase, you should be good to build a labour of love.

    * - technically this is a waterfall model, and that isn't how a lot of development actually happens. However, it does mirror what we as players tend to see.

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