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Thread: Inventory and Progress are Gone. Server 6

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    Angry Inventory and Progress are Gone. Server 6

    Hello Dev Team,
    All my inventory and progress has disappeared in server 6.
    I spent hours and days collecting those and already had full Cobalt Gears and Full dmg% Cobalt Accessories.
    I hope you guys can figure out how to fix it. Or compensate all of us who had lost their hard work.

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    They warned you that they will be resetting servers. It's part of the early access.

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    Hi Nabulsha. You are correct that this is early access and you are correct that we can expect that wiping servers might just be part of that process. *However*...

    1. This does not appear to be part of an intentional wipe. We know this because at least some people have not been affected. It would equally odd (but certainly not impossible) if only one server would be wiped rather than all servers.

    2. The team has repeatedly told us that they will give us a heads up if a wipe is coming so that we can take pictures, spend a last few minutes in our grand works, or just shrug our shoulders and say, "bring it"

    3. The nature of this particular game means that such wipes should be kept to a minimum. The real test of the game comes from intensive mining and large constructions. However, getting people to do this means guaranteeing that wipes will be kept to a bare minimum. The Devs have clearly understood this as well, which is why they have really gone out of their way to avoid wipes.

    Nabulsha, your heart is in a good place. You would like to remind us that this is pre-alpha, wipes happen, and I think most of the affected people (including me) understand this. I just thought that you might want to know why your comment, while being completely correct, does not fit this particular context. Meanwhile those of us that are affected are crossing our fingers that whatever happened can be undone.

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    Hmm this is very strange - and it should not have happened.

    I will pass this onto our Lead Coder Bri so he can take a look.

    To be clear we have not reset the servers.


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    Hi Jedd, very sorry to hear that you're having trouble! Can I just ask a few questions please?

    When did this happen? When do you think you last logged in with all your gear and when did you first log in without your gear?

    Did you explore much of the island on Server 6? Did you have many buildings and which part of the island are they at?

    Thanks for your help, hopefully we can figure out what has happened with your help.


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    Bri, I don't want speak for Jedd but everyone on server 6 was affected by this and it started maybe a day or so before Jedd started this thread. That means 2 weeks ago, which is forever in server time. It happened about a week after the previous server-6-wide building removal, but that time player inventories and logout location were not affected, plus terrain modifications (digging and placing) remained even though buildings did not. This time it is as if all player data has been deleted: buildings, inventories, logout location, and work on the terrain itself. It's nothing short of a total server reset as far as I can see.

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    Ok - so after several hours of digging and trying to find out what has happened we have some bad news.

    For some reason the Server 6 Database was unintentionally reset - we don't know why this happened which is even more worrying - we are still investigating on that front and have since put in some safeguards so this cannot happen again.

    Obviously this was not our intention and it has only affected Server 6 and due to the way it was reset we are unable to roll back.

    All I can do is apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

    @Jedd and @Zinc - we will be updating your inventories with a load of resources to get you back on your feet (please make sure your Inventories are free - we will need at least 25 free slots). If you know anyone else that has been affected point them to this thread or create a ticket here ( and we can sort them out as well.

    Just to be very clear though - we are only handing out resources due to the unintentional wipe. We will not be handing out any after an official wipe.

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    @Rich This cannot have been a full reset because at that very same Time I was leveling/Digging out and placing foundations down and starting the sides of my Build in the Valley on Server 6 where I am - However my Cabin on the Hill and my mine next to it Vanished but my Pyramid Stayed.

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    Possibly - we are still investigating our end.

    For the most part we think that most of the database was wiped for some reason - but like I said we still looking into it.

    If you have been affected though let us know and we can help you restart with some resources.

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    All good here Rich nothing that Can't be gathered again, Half the Fun is finding the bugs for you

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