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Thread: Inventory and Progress are Gone. Server 6

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    @Rich The Server 004 restarted yesterday (without warning) and the kick message said the server would be reset but neither buildings oritems seemed to have disappeared. Maybe it was just a restart

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    Yes that is just the server restarting.

    I have just changed that message to say 'restart' instead of 'reset' so there is no confusion.

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    Thanks for your fast response!

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    Rich, thanks so much for your attention on this, it's excellent. Sorry to hear it took hours of investigation but I think it's well worth it if it helps you create more auditable server change practices. Your servers are key business assets, after all.

    As you suggested, I've cleared my inventory/equipment on server 6 and I hope Jedd and other affected players will do the same ASAP. I'm tempted to list my cobalt gear, sentinel souls, drills, ingot stacks, enchantments, blah blah, but I realize that's the wrong approach (ya I know, I did it anyway lol). I'm happy to accept whatever you choose, since the most important issue here was acknowledging and figuring out this second unintentional wipe -- only a week after the previous buildings-only deletion. The other major issue was improving developer-player communication, which you seem to be doing; thanks!

    Other server 6 players who were affected include Belesar (who built the giant metal statue in devblog 79), Bremidon, and Firephyte. I'm sure there are many more. Unfortunately, I have no way to contact any of them and some have quit playing out of frustration over this. You might consider checking your records for the registered email addresses of these 3 players and reaching out to them to invite them back.

    @Abominog: The full wipe happened 2 weeks ago, but I think you told me you joined more recently than that. If so, any deletions you experienced were a separate event.

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    Zinc you have a point. Requiring players to tell us about the items they lost is quite a time-consuming endeavor so instead, we've decided to award the compensation package to everyone that has played on Server 6 since it launched earlier in the year.

    If you have logged onto Server 6 after our last intentional server wipe (March 8th) to today (12pm BST 18th July, 2018) you will recieve the following items automatically in your inventory:

    - 4 stacks of wood
    - 4 stacks stone
    - 4 stacks fiber
    - 1 stack of copper, iron, gold, tungsten, cobalt
    - 1 stack coarse hide
    - 1 stack rugged hide
    - 1 stack spring berries
    - 50 meat
    - 50 of each crystal
    - 1 Lizardman soul
    - 1 bear soul
    - 1 wolf soul

    Unfortunately we can't give players back what they lost as we don't have the data, but this is the next best alternative, before we wipe servers again in the future.

    The above items won't bring back anyone who quit the game post accidental server 6 wipe as they'll only discover the items once they log back into the game. So we need you guys help us spread the word your friends if you come across any one who is complaining about how they lost all their items in game, as the likelihood is they are talking about Server 6.

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    Andy, this seems like a reasonable solution to me and I hope others agree. You might want to know, however, that everything appeared in my inventory as you described except for the stone and ores. Those were partial stacks of only 8 instead of 99 for some reason. But I thank all things supernatural that the berries were a glorious *full* stack! (After all, fighting hunger is clearly the main point of the pre-alpha test phase. :P )

    I know you can't contact every player on the server, but I think you should consider proactively contacting the three I mentioned above -- for your benefit not theirs. They have spent more time, they have built more complex structures, and they know more about the minute details of the game than any players I have met on any server. If players are valuable to you these would be the most valuable.

    Thanks again, CardLife team, for tending to server 6.

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    I just logged back in to server 6 and have the same thing as Zinc. Stone and ore stacks are only at 8 per stack.

    Thanks to the devs for digging into this problem and throwing us a few resources to get started back up again.

    A much simpler approach might be to just give us one of each tungsten Drill, Wood chopper, Gatherer, Shovel, and a compass so we can get back to where we were (if that is preferred). Then we can start to recoup ourselves and you give those that didn't already have this stuff a small step up so they can start looking into debugging issues also Win / Win
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    Hey Zine and Firephyte,

    You are right, the resources for stone and ore stacks didn't appear properly. We'll re-run the script next Monday and make sure everyone has what they should.

    Giving completed items is more difficult I'm afraid, so we'll stick with the current approach. Appreciate the feedback guys.

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    Andy, it looks like the new script didn't run. I've been trying to remember to empty my inventory each time I log out so it doesn't interfere with the script, but that's inconvenient. If we should give up waiting on this script just let us know!

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    I have poked Andy to see if it was run again - he'll get back to you.

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