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Thread: Launch problem

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    Hey Raz,

    Sorry about that. It seems for some reason the first patch we pushed out last night corrupted some files and hid the actual repair button as well. You can fortunately still press the button to fix the issue you are having - it's just to the right of the progress bar.


    Let me know if this works.

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    Thanks. I had already used a friends suggestion about uninstalling, deleting file directory and reinstalling.

    I would have tried the repair button. I was looking for something like that. Did not see it. Please make it more visible.

    Thanks Raz.

    P.s How do I get a saw and make cardboard walls.?

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    Yeah - the repair button was hidden for some reason. We are fixing it.

    Saw & Cardboard walls aren't in the build at the moment as we had to disable them when we moved to Voxel Farm for our world which was a big undertaking.

    Building will be coming back in a future update hopefully soon. I'll have more information on this in an upcoming DevBlog.

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    Ok, thanks. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or had to quest to get the tools. Looking forward to the expansion of this game. Really neat concept of a cardboard world.

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    Thanks for your kind words!

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    I am having that same problem as you Captain_Chaos.

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    Hi ModernPlayer, sorry you're having the same trouble as Captain Chaos. I need a log file from the game to tell what's causing the problem. Would you be able to send me that file please?

    1.) Go to the game's install directory (usually C:\Games\CardLife)
    2.) Open the folder Cardlife_Data
    3.) Email the file output_log.txt to

    Thanks for all your help. Hopefully we can get this sorted soon!

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    Just thought I'd mention that ModernPlayer was great and sent me through his log file. Turns out there are a couple of dll files we're not packaging with the game. It seems most people have them and we'll get them included in the next build but in the mean time if you're getting stuck on 0% loading try this.

    Go to and you should be able to download the dlls you need. If you have a 64 bit system download the x64 one or get the x86 one if you have a 32 bit machine.

    Hope this helps!

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    i am having a similar problem, the launcher starts fine but when i press play the completed status changes for a split second and then nothing happens

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    BigErn - I'd suggest that you start a new thread for it.

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