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Thread: Launch problem

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    Hey BigErn,

    I'm sorry you're having problems. Have you tried restarting your machine and/or running the launcher in Administration mode? We do seem to have an issue where the launcher seems to run slow so it gets stuck.

    Let me know how you get on and once Bri (our Lead Coder) is back in the office I'll get him to look at this again.


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    when i load the game it says "connection error" and asks me to quit. i restarted my computer and this still happens.

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    Hi Pikagamer, sorry to hear you're having trouble!

    For me to track down what's happening I'll need the game's log file from you computer, could you send that on please?

    In the game's install folder (C:\Games\CardLife\) on my computer there is a file called output.log. Could you email that to please? That should tell us what has gone wrong.


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    I downloaded the game with the launcher. Then the launcher disappeard and stayed in Background (Task-Manager). Had to kill the process.

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    Launcher forgets password although "Remember Me" is checked.

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    The launcher staying on in the background is a known issue - we're trying to fix that - but we think it's something to do with the 3rd party code of the launcher unfortunately.

    The forgetting password is our internal bug list to fix - thanks for letting us know.

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