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Thread: Launch problem

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    Unhappy Launch problem

    Theres a problem when i lauch i cant play it just says Host_singleinstance ??? idk what that means and i was really looking forward to playing what a bumer.

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    Hi - sorry you had problems.

    Does this error still happen if you restart your computer? Also can you let me know where does this message appear - in the launcher or in-game? Let me know and hopefully we can fix this issue for you.

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    Hi Mr Board. As Rich said, sorry you're having trouble!

    The Host_singleinstance error happens when the launcher is already running when you try to start it. If you restart your computer and run the launcher again does it make any difference? Or if you'd prefer to skip the restart you can try going to Task Manager and closing any other instances that are running and then click the icon again.

    Do you see any other errors then? Does the launcher appear at all? Please let us know if you're still having trouble.


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    When I get to the loading screen it stays at 0%...

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    So is your game not working captain? Can you even log in?

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    I can log in, but when I launch the game theres a loading screen, right? After you get through the loading screen you are spawned in the house. But instead the loading screen stays at 0%.

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    So you never actually get into the game?

    Can you please contact me via and send me your PC specifications and attach your output_log.txt file

    You can find it here: .../CardLife/Cardlife_Data/output_log.txt

    Then we can see what is happening and hopefully solve this problem for you.


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    By the way, I am making a wiki page for you guys, check it out here:

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    That's really cool!

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    I am getting source file is corrupted when trying to patch with the new update Devblog 17.
    cardlife error.jpg
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