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Thread: Devblog 80 and June Update - Give Us Your Feedback

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    Question Devblog 80 and June Update - Give Us Your Feedback

    Hi all,

    To help the development team get a clear idea of what you guys like and dislike about the latest update (as summarised in Devblog 80), I've put together this thread.

    Please place all and any feedback in here and we'll respond to any questions that come up. Special shout out to MitchAdvent for beating me to creating this thread. Taken your feedback into account and passed it onto the development team. We do need to have a think about armor degradation after enchantment.

    Everyone else, tell us what you think about armor enchantment and the rest of the update.

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    Hi Andy,

    I did not play to much after the update but here are some impressions:

    -Enchanting armor is a nice idea, but I still think the durability is to low, that it is not really worth it. I did not switch through the recipes, but would it not be nice, if you have one to make armor much more durable?
    I mentioned before, that I fear, that we all get lost underground for mining. (look "thoughts about Age 2" and "finding the soul of the game" post...)

    -Deer are much more passive. O.K. for that, but should the not better flee away? (Ranged weapon needed to kill!)

    -I sometimes get the message that I do not have the right tool while harvesting when I loose the center from what I am harvesting.

    -Health bar+stamina bar quite ok, but I think the hunger bar is too easy overlooked. (thin line!) Better color it, when you are about to starve...

    Thats it for now...

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    One more thing:

    I was mining as usual. Suddenly a small window appeared on the screen (just a few seconds, was not able to read the text!) and the game quit! Happened twice. After restarting I continued at the same place...

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    I have to agree with Grosskotz about armor enchanting. At this age, it just breaks way too fast to be of any real use. Maybe when we get up to age 4 and 5 armors it might be worth it.

    Terrain is pretty broken now. The only way to travel any distance is to force updates by breaking a piece of the terrain at the edge of the problem terrain. Since the terrain loads in chunks, it seems you have to constantly break circles into your precious grass to traverse any distance. This only works so long as you're logged in. Relogs rebreak the terrain.

    Boars are a nice addition to the ever increasing population of the game!

    I like the timer that was added to "exploding" resources, making us more involved in the gathering. One suggestion: Gravity. Should gravity not pull resources to the ground? If there is anything above the exploding resource (gems and while mining) is there a way to make them fall to the ground?

    Right Click mining. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Needed this for landscaping so badly!

    Running from combat. I've died several times to multiple creatures pummeling me to death, so Thanks for this also!

    Thank you for doing some work on the Hotbar problems. I haven't had a phantom item on the hotbar since the update. I did, however, break a sword and yet still had my sword. So that one is still there.

    Crash reports seem to have stopped generating, unless they are generating in a new spot.

    Server 6 has a 59% loading stall on it now. I had played for about an hour before I got locked out. (I submitted everything I could from the crashes I had just before the stall, but since crash reports aren't generating....)

    Is Resistance triggering? I have taken thousands of hits and I haven't noticed (yes I may have missed it) a hit that didn't deal any damage. I have something like 4.71% chance to resist a hit (I can't check specifics because of the 59% loading stall on server 6). That means it should have triggered like 200-300 times on me so far since age 2(I'm currently on my 3rd chest piece, each with 1600 durability), but I haven't seen a one.

    Where have all the lizardmen and raptors gone? I haven't seen a single one since the update.

    So as soon as server 6 is accessible and terrain loading gets fixed, I can play again. YAY!!
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    -Hunger is far too aggressive. It's just so hard to get anything done in the amount of time it takes to starve.

    -I should be able to see my friends on the map or at the very least when they are nearby I should be able to see their names on the screen to tell where they are.
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    Hello Andy,

    I really like the update, just gotta agree with the other, without a way to repair armor or longer lasting armor,
    enchanting armor isnt much worth since it is lost too soon, but you made good progress
    with the things you can do in the enchantment table that is awesome either way.

    I also dont mind the craft/craft last system,
    i just think it should be only for tools so people are encouraged to customize them,
    but not for walls/structures since they are mostly basic or customized when needed.

    have a good day Andy and the rest of the Devs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mekanikol View Post
    -Hunger is far too aggressive. It's just so hard to get anything done in the amount of time it takes to starve.
    You have to minimize running (it is not that much faster and burns through hunger rapidly) i only walk except while running from bush to bush farming berries, got 2-3 stacks at home, take 50 with me when im going out, and try too farm again before i need to take the last stack out

    and less agressive hunger would be bad for combat since you can only eat, and heal while you are hungry

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    Hey Guys,

    Armor Durability - I am going to be upping the durability of armor in the next patch. I probably will only be upping it slightly as we are also planning on adding blessing/repairing which will mean you can bless your armor (or weapon/tool) using souls so it doesn't break on reaching 0 durability or drop when you die. When an item is broken you won't receive the stats anymore but you can then use an age appropriate repair kit to repair it which will be less resources than making it again and also save your enchants.

    Hunger - I am always monitoring hunger loss and the balance is definitely not set in stone yet - so I will be tweaking this over time. In the last patch I did reduce the hunger loss from sprinting by 50% and when we add cooking there will be lots of other ways to reduce your hunger. Also at the moment things you eat give you back health - this is placeholder until we add Alchemy and potions. Potions will have a cooldown so you can't just spam them.

    Crafting - We will be changing the way crafting works in an upcoming patch so you don't have to keep dragging your items into the crafting slots in your inventory. The game will just automatically know what you have and add it for you - when we do this we are also going to be changing the Craft and Craft Last buttons to work more as they are intended to work i.e. Craft always taking you to the CTD screen if required and then as soon as you have crafted that item at least once you can then just use the Craft Last button if you don't want to further customise it.

    Deers - Deers eventually will have a passive behavior and run away. At the moment until we add this behavior I lowered the'r aggro range to be very low as a temporary solution. We're right in the middle of reworking all the AI so it works much better i.e. doesn't clip through walls, do weird things etc Once we have done this work we will be adding new things to the AI - like passive behavors and ranged AI Imp fireball anyone...

    Terrain - We are looking into this right now. We have definitely made it worse somehow so we are actively chasing this one up.

    Other Bugs - Thanks for the letting us know re. other issues. We do spend a chunk of time before each launch fixing bugs so every report helps us. It all just takes time

    Resistance - I'll take a look at this.

    As a last note I really appreciate all the time you guys take to send us your thoughts. We are working really hard on bringing everything we have talked about to the game and as the team has gotten bigger I have not spent as much time as I would like replying to forum threads. But please be aware I am still reading as much as possible and Andy is sending me any issues he sees. So keep em coming!!


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    Hi Guys,
    the new homepage picture inspired us to make our own (My nine year old son and his dad ;-))
    As LEGO sells "Mincraft Sets", maybe the "Cardlife Sets" will come soon!


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    That's awesome.

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