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    Unhappy confused

    I'm coming at this game as a complete newbie... first impressions are.. where is the tutorial, how am I meant to know how to play?? what am I missing? if there is this info somewhere, then make it more apparent. I have no clue what to do and do not relish spending time trawling through youtube vids or forum posts. I am more than happy to invest in a game that looks like it has a lot of potential, but from the outset it must be user friendly.

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    Worth checking the introduction thread to help get to grips with the game:

    Also this tutorial video will help:

    Would love to hear more of your thoughts as a newbie coming to the game for the first time. We need feedback to make the game better!


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    Not a newbie, but an in-game tutorial would be a HUGE help.

    It does get tiring hearing people ask how to find others. Which of course is always followed by how to build a compass...

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    Hear ya loud and clear Slomo.

    Rich is currently working on implementing a new question system in the game which will allow us to call out key features and some colour to the world. We'll have more information about that in a future Devjam, as that feature is still really early in development.

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    We are working on adding a Quest system in-game to help people understand the game better and to give some early quest driven goals.

    It should be coming in future update fairly soonish.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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