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Thread: Death Boxes are going to be the death of me!

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    Death Boxes are going to be the death of me!

    Death loot boxes HAVE to be fixed. Period. So I recently lost around 10 hours worth of resources in a single death (8 tungsten and 3 cobalt drills, 2 tungsten axe, 2 tungsten claw harvester, full cobalt armor, 4 accessories enchanted, 150 red meat, 80 green meat, 198 berries, 99 fiber, 99 wood, 99 stone, 80-ish torches) due to the myriad of bugs dealing with creatures and their glitching through wall, death boxes, and terrain clipping and getting sent back to the surface layer. I was planning on mining for a while.. I had just done a stint where I had gone through 6 drills.... the rest is just what I generally carry on me at all times to account for breakage...
    I had just entered my mine shaft (straight diagonal shaft) when I started to mine the crystals in the various caverns that sprawl out from the mine shaft. 2 caverns deep very near my mine haft, I encountered too many monsters to fight (2 savages, 1 sentinel, 1 spider). They didn't all show up at the same time, but by the last savage, I knew I couldn't win, so I ran and got very close to my mine shaft before death, but it was across a small chasm (one of the natural caverns went nearly straight down for about 20 layers). I respawned and made haste to re-equip and gather food and took off to get back to my mine, which is a 9 minute walk (I timed it once) from where my residence is. I ran back and by the time I got there (with grabbing gear and running back, I figured I had about 6-7 minutes left to find and loot the death box. I was within visual sight of my death box 5, count them FIVE, times, where attempting to get to where it was(across that little cavern and me without any materials to get back over there), I encountered the terrain clipping glitch that teleports you to the surface layer. I knew I didn't have much time left, but what could I do? I kept getting ported back to the surface... and with that... it was gone. At that point, I rage quit. I have barely played in the week or so since and don't really plan to until this is fixed.
    How many others have encountered this very thing and not said anything, but have simply stopped playing? While I'm frustrated and angry, I do realize this game is still in pre-alpha, but this, to me, is pretty game breaking. I'm wasting my time (literally) at this point as this very subject has been brought up on the forums several times. Unless you can offer up why there is not a properly functioning death box?

    Here are my suggestions.
    1. Time. There are 2 major issues that I see with them as they stand.
    A. Death box Stack Limit. The death box is being limited to only 4 rows of stacks, which is the same as back pack size, but doesn't account for hotbar, armor, or accessories. Increasing the size of the death box will remedy almost every complaint. (yes I'm aware of the potential workaround of reloging, but that is not a 100% guarantee)
    B. Duration. I don't know if you've traversed a good distance only to die and have a death box placed which you cannot return to in the time it took to get there. Why are death boxes even disappearing in the first place? Make them permanent. You want the stuff you probably spent HOURS getting? Go get it!

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    I feel with you!! See my related posts "Dying..." and "Thoughts about Age2"...

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    We totally hear you guys - death boxes is a big concern for sure and one we're investigating all the time. I'll pass on these reports to QA to help them get to the bottom of it!

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    A longer time on the box would be great.
    Also, as beacon turns off when you are close, this is not usefull in caverns.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Even though you had a bad experience I am thankful that you took the time to tell us as it's really valuable information to us at this early stage in the development.

    In terms of death box timer - I have increased the time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in the new build - so the next patch that goes live will have this in.

    The death box itself should have an infinite number of slots (it is not limited) - this sounds like a bug to me and I will pass onto our QA to have a look.

    I wanted to also say the placeholder 'return back to surface' code has been tweaked as we added a more robust collision recently. Hopefully this will mean you don't experience this anymore.


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