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Thread: The best Souls and Enchanments?

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    The best Souls and Enchanments?

    Hello there,

    What do you guys think is the strongest/most useful Soul or Enchanment to wear in this state of the game? And are there good combinations?

    The Raptor Soul looks pretty strong to me, but I'm not sure if I should put 3 of them into the slots or rather mix it up with other Souls.
    I'm running 1 Goblin Savage Soul and 2 Raptor Souls at the moment.

    In terms of Enchanments, Hunger Reduction and Damage Bonus sounds like a good deal to me, but I don't know how strong Armor Penetration or Attack Speed would be.

    So, hopefully someone that does know more about the game can explain it further.

    I have'nt found a similar thread, so if there is one I can delete this post.

    Have a nice day everyone!

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    I think that Sentinel Golem Souls are actually way better than the raptor one, but also kinda harder to farm as well.

    As for Enchantments, i find that a mix between damage bonus and attack speed gives an higher total DPS, but it will mostly depends on how you time the attack, penetration seems not too good when you can still get more damage simply going for raw attack value.

    Hunger Reduction is probably the best for survival since it's pretty boring how fast the hunger finish as now.

    Take this with a grain of salt because i've to do further tests before being totally sure, hope i was helpful. ^^

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    Thanks for your reply!
    I was'nt sure if Elite Sentinel Golems are in the game yet, so that is good to know.
    No doubt it is the strongest Soul to obtain then.

    Also you're probably right by saying that Armor Penetration isn't as good, I will try Attack Damage and Attack Speed first. Hunger Reduction would be helpful too, because since age 2 i'm always low on food and it annoys me

    Thanks again for your insight, appreciate it!

    EDIT: What exactly is Combat Stamina?
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