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Thread: Can not get into game !!!!

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    Angry Can not get into game !!!!

    OK for OVER a month I have been unable to play in single player mode!

    NOW I can not log into the private server I have been playing on... PLEASE fix this!!!!!!

    Screenshot (48).jpg

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    Hey Adonquinn

    We've seen a few reports of these lately - the culprit is usually either a troublesome internet connection or a particularly strong firewall.

    Are you playing on your own connection? If you are behind a firewall, it might be worth asking the administrator if the program is blocked.

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    I am on my own connection. As I said before it has been a month since I've been able to play single player. I switched to multiplayer after you guys recommended it. Now today I get the above!! Just tried again to connect to game. This is getting old.

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    Hey Adonquinn, apologies I missed this response! This looks very much like a firewall issue to me - are you running any particularly strong firewalls right now?

    If other games and programmes are working correctly then we can reasonably rule out a connection error, so something must be blocking it.


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    I turned off everything! I have no idea what is going on.

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    OMG I am loggin in NOW....WOOT

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    Well sort of......I can get on the private server but not the single player........

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    WELL I got to play for 4 hours today. I logged out and now can not get back in!!!!!

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    OK this sounds very strange - were you able to get the log file Bri asked for on the other thread?

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