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    .:|| K Y M E R A || Experimental Server

    Hey everyone,

    A little bit about myself!
    I am 31 years old, I am a disabled veteran, and I am a full time student at a community college in Western New York. I am studying Game Programming and Design and have been engrossing myself in many different aspects of this degree. Though I would consider myself more of an art student than a math student, I enjoy dabbling in entry level programming. I have completed my first two semesters and have an introductory level of knowledge of Java/Python as well as 3D Modeling.

    I am a new member on the forums and recently purchased CardLife. The server, Kymera, is a hobby/project of mine for fun and to put my very minimal skills at modding to use. I have been able to navigate the files of the game and make minor changes to various settings and assets. I chose the server name Kymera because it looks cool :P. It is just a phonetic spelling of Chimera which I felt was suiting for the server since it is going to be modified, and from the looks of it, one of the first ones.

    At current, the server is being hosted from my laptop until I have the funds to support the server via remote host. Anyone is welcome to play on the server at this time, but there are a few things to keep in mind.
    .:|| K Y M E R A || Experimental HardMode
    KYMERA Server is an experimental server with several modifications!
    This is a project that evolved after purchasing the game and realizing I had a few objections to some of the game-play mechanics, as well as felt I could put an interesting twist and more of an RPG feeling than a Rust feeling to the game, and I started changing things myself.

    Currently on the server:

    - Normal Mobs - All HP has been increased by 10%; all damage increased by 5%
    - Elite difficulty - Elites are 1.5x harder than normal mobs (this is up from 1.2x). Elite glow effects have been scaled up slightly to make them more identifiable(0.5, up from 0.05), as well as their size(2.0, up from 1.0). The elites have also had the range of their attacks increased to 2.0 from 1.0 due to some of the mobs being unable to attack otherwise.... silly wolves are too long :P
    - Food/hunger changes - Steak is more like an HP potion right now until they come, healing significantly more (However, due to hunger changes you will not be able to just sprint around to starve yourself before a battle to use more than one steak). Berries fill you up 8 points, up from 3. (but bushes drop significantly less berries). Hunger degrades drastically slower from actions and sprinting.
    - Drops - All drops have been modified. Meat and berries are no longer 100% drop chance. The amount of drops from hostile mobs is generally lower. Non animal mobs do not drop pelts. Souls do not have 100% drop chance from all Elites (only the lower difficulty ones). This will lengthen the amount of time to progress your character the further into PVE you go. If/when more difficult creatures are added, I will compensate for that.
    - Travel Speed - I turned up walk and Sprint slightly, However at the higher cost of stamina, but also reduced the cost to hunger when doing both. This essentially allows you to sprint and actually deplete your sprint bar without starving yourself first, while still going a good distance.
    - Day/Night - are altered, but as mentioned I am having issues with sun up and sun down rubber banding so to speak, like 4-5x. I am not really sure how to fix this right now, It's probably something simple but, math is not my thing, nor could i lay claim that I am a programmer at this point :P (its a work in progress though...)
    - Base Player HP - is 370 (down from 500) making early game a bit more daunting, but not impossible. It just makes pulling one mob at a time a little bit more necessary and it prevents you from skipping the mass murder of deer/imps/stags, before being brave enough to attack a wolf. I had found I could very quickly make a set of stone armor and ignore anything less than a wolf with about 30 minutes of gameplay, essentially making them just pretty filler on the map.
    - Stack Size - is current 999, i don't think I will be keeping this high because it is a bit obscene and unnecessary. I am thinking ill turn it down to like 200 or 300.
    - Terrain Climb - Slightly increased the ability to climb steep hill faces. was 50% i think? is now 60% grade

    Want to play?
    I am currently seeking players to test out the changes and let me know how it feels. I want those who join to keep in mind that server wipes are imminent until things are thoroughly finished. However, I will be doing my best to avoid wiping the server whenever possible.

    Hardware/Software Updates - 6am EST (mostly), Hardware/software updates must happen from time to time.
    Server changes - when I do work on the server I will restart the server to put them into effect. I may or may not need to restart the server several times during this process depending on how the results turn out.

    Future Ideas:
    - Less Dark Caves
    - More forgiving durability
    - PVE mode (i saw someone had this but i cant find how to do this yet)
    - Auto Compass (finding each other is just stupid and it takes too long to get compass unlocked
    - Additional Mob types: (this is something that would take a bit >.>)
    * Super-Elites or Boss types that spawn at select times
    * Additional Aggressive mob types
    * Non-Hostile Lesser creatures for new characters
    - Less expensive buildings
    - Less expensive gear
    - More Powerful gear requiring extra resources dropped from elite mobs and higher
    - Add item loot drops from Super-Elite mobs (Add custom weapons only obtainable from these mobs)
    - Add "dungeons" underground. These would not be instanced.
    - Map perimeter (because apparently if you go off the map, there is another map that is identical off the edges out in the ocean and it makes the game explode if you go too far)

    Once Mod powers are a thing I will be looking for a few volunteer mods for the server to monitor chat, watch for exploits, and remove these players causing issues.

    If anyone is interested in working with me on these ideas I would love any help I can get
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    Hey, I am keen on playing on your server from time to time! Where are you situated?
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    I don't have any base at this time. I have mostly been just tweaking things.

    Right now souls are a little overpowered and need to be altered slightly. the game is hard to start but once you start getting souls its too easy :P

    I will be making some alterations to that later tonight.

    My goal with souls is to actually make the mobs more linear for progression. Right now they are somewhat in pairs for a few of the mobs in terms of difficulties.

    Like Doe/Imp, Stag/Goblin, wolf, bear, etc

    This is also the case for the later mobs in terms of difficulties. The souls are also meant to give varying stats, however I have found that some mobs are just straight up harder than others that offer less impactful stats. such as, a high difficulty mob offering a lot of stamina which was mostly useless on the regular servers, leaving no reason to kill a hard high level mob for the stamina souls.

    So I am making them somewhat linear and making the harder mobs jsut offer all round better souls for now. I also want to add a variance to what the stats can be, as well as them not have a 100% drop chance on the higher difficulty mobs

    Right now the tooltips also do not match the actual value of the souls. The tool tips show the base amount, not the tweaked amount. I need to find where that file is and change it there once i get them worked out
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    This sounds really interesting Yazzle, we'll be watching with interest!

    Is the server up and running now? I'll jump in myself and take a look if it is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamF View Post
    This sounds really interesting Yazzle, we'll be watching with interest!

    Is the server up and running now? I'll jump in myself and take a look if it is!
    Hey thanks for the interest I have for now put the stats back for mobs because there is a lot more balancing that would need to be done involving the armor and weapons that i did not initially think about. I will however go back to this later though. For now however, I am updating my first post with what is currently on the server.

    I am going to download Unity on the Desktop tonight and see what I can do with the files. I have literally no experience with Unity so it will be an adventure :P

    I was curious what the limits are for modding as far as what is ok and what is not. I don't want to do anything that might upset the developers or detract from the main idea. I just saw this as a really neat foundation with a friendly development team that are open with modding. I feel like the game has a lot of potential for having a very open world small RPG feel to it. I would however like to turn PVP off, and somehow disable people from looting your corpse XD ( or tag items the way souls are so they can't be looted and stay with you ) These would be special items.

    If i ever got to the point where i was capable of making "boss mobs" that drop items, I would want these items not to be stolen by other players.

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    So, I sat out and waited for the moon to set and the sun to come up, on my server. I noticed that the moon/sun are *rubber banding* so to speak, about 5-6x, each.

    So as the moon goes down, it will suddenly reset and raise back in the sky and begin again. It repeats this as well as replays the audio. After several iterations of this, the moon will finally sink and the sun will begin to rise. The Sun will go through the same process before finally getting up there in the sky.

    I am trying to figure out what I did wrong here, in order to fix it. All I changed at current in the file is i took all of the number values for the times of day and multiplied them by 4. I assumed this would just lengthen each bracket of time in the json file and that it would just take longer to perform. I was wrong T_T lol

    I am unsure of what to do to fix this. I will do what I can on my own but if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Yazzle

    We're definitely cool with modding - go ahead! In the long run we're going to have the 'official' servers run as the mod-free, core CardLife experience, but we want people to be able to experiment and play around too, so running a server like this is a perfect example.


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    Sounds good, I spent the last hour or two on the server. Feels pretty satisfying, the damage output of some of the mobs is still a little low i think. So, anyone who plays on it today, if suddenly things seem harder later tonight >.>, that's why.

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