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Thread: Network Issues?

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    Question Network Issues?

    So I haven't played in a couple weeks, but I was excited now that the age 2 is out, but whenever I try and host a server it says I have network issues and forces me to quit. Also when my friend tries to host, hers stops loading at 75% but she can see the health bar and stuff. The official servers don't work for me either. Any idea what the problem is?


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    Hi AlpacaMaster,

    There's a really good thread which covers a multitude of things re setting up your own server over here

    That may be useful! Otherwise, the official servers not working seems to point to some kind of connectivity issue. Are other games or applications affected? Are you behind any firewalls?


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    Thanks, Ill check that thread out. And I haven't had any problems with any other online games, but ill check my firewall.

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