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Thread: About Cardlife's Site

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    About Cardlife's Site

    So i just noticed that (the homepage) isn't a secured connection like https:// and that actually kept 2 of my friends away from accessing the site and buying the game.
    So i'm guessing this might also have an impact in a bigger scale.
    -I'm not saying the site is a scam or anything like that by the way, it's just some browsers doesn't allow you to visit unsecured websites.-

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    Well, you are not paying through their site, you are paying through a secure connection which requires a code too, that you get in an sms, so 2 layers of security

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    Yeah, true that, but i mean people can't access the homepage of Cardlife.

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    That is a bit strange. I can access it through Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Are there any more? Guess Opera, but who uses that? )

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    Sometimes based on your settings or your antivirus it doesn't let you access unsecured websites. Happened to me in the past and had to get a diffrent antivirus.

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    I don't disagree with OP. A few months ago I sent a tweet to the cardlife team about this exact thing. At the time, I actively decided to not buy the game because of that issue. After about a month, I decided I'd maybe go for it, and as soon as I saw that they received payments through a third-pary secure service, that's when I decided I'd buy it. But the point is, it 100% made me hold off buying it, and if I didn't get antsy, I may not have bought it at all until it was fixed, and it's been months since I sent that tweet.

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    I get both of you but there are literally tons of unsecure websites, that's just the way it is. I wouldn't have bought it myself if I saw that they are not using ssl when paying for the game. But I was almost certain the payment wouldn't go through they're website. Then again, I was a tech guy for several years, so I know how things work.

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    We totally hear you on this one guys - bear with us we're going to be making changes to the website etc in time!

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    Hi, it's been 4 months since you said "bear with us". Setting up your server to use an SSL certificate is a trivial matter. Even the certificate itself is free these days, thanks to

    Please take the quite short time required to secure your forums.

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    Unfortunately, as we use Joomla to drive our website, having an SSL certificate and becoming https: isn't trivial. We're currently in the middle of redesigning the website from the ground up to be much more secure and that includes the official forums.

    I know this wait is very frustrating to some, but we are going as quick as we can on this. We had the Steam launch last week which the entire team was working towards for several months, now that's out of the way we have additional resources to do certain things like overhaul the website.

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