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Thread: Mobbed to death underground

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    Mobbed to death underground

    I feel like I've died one too many times because of this.

    Accidentally falling into a hole I didn't intend to go down
    or become stuck between the interior/exterior of the
    cave and having a mob of 5+ creatures beat me to death.

    No amount of cobalt armor is enough to hold out against
    2 sentinels, 2 corrupted spiders and an elite goblin savage
    attacking in unison.

    And the pain of losing everything I've worked so hard
    to get is okay, maybe the first 50 times playing the game?
    But the pain is really getting real, especially since its been
    so challenging to find mechanical parts and enchanting items
    among other things.

    I think I might put off this game until creative/peaceful mode
    is made available. Hope it'll come soon!

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    I feel your pain. I've become *very* careful in caves to make sure I don't get glitch-mobbed to death. I hope your comment about mechanical parts being extraordinarily difficult to get right now does not get completely overshadowed by what is probably the worst bug in the game right now.

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    I'm not sure if its actually a glitch or a feature of the game.

    But to me, it doesn't make sense that creatures can sense
    me through walls 360-degrees on all axis. It doesn't matter
    if I can F8 and take a preview because by the time I reach a
    certain location all the creatures are already clustered and
    waiting for me to just fall in.

    The worst part is I'm not even in control of the fall lol,
    most times my character shakes, start "rimming" around
    a small intersecting hole in the cave and slides through to
    end up in a pit of monsters.

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    That is definitely a glitch. I know exactly what you are talking about and it's caused by the collision detection going just slightly awry.

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    The mob spawn rate inside of caves needs to be looked at, It is getting irritating now having mobs spawn right in front of me or on top of my head or even just glitching through the walls every 5 -10 mins, I have stopped going into one of my mines because of the shear number of mobs i have to fight my way through just to get some mining done. There is also the issue of the knock back effect of some mobs pushing you through cave walls.

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    Thanks for the reports guys - we're actively working on the AI so that the 360 degree sight will be replaced by a more regular line of sight setup. Also, the mob's behaviour is a bit of a side effect, and it's one that will be fixed very soon!

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    Cool info SamF. Caves are definitely scary places right now, and not entirely for the right reasons. You'll get it sorted

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    If the bows come in a patch this week, it will definitely be handy. In fact, if the bows
    have no hiccup it will actually turn this bug into a plus.

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    I don't know about anyone else but there seems to be a delay at times of mobs spawning in caves. When i enter my cave, Most time there is not a single mob, Then within 5-10 mins they spawn all around me or on me, sometimes in clusters of 5+. I have died numerous times because of this.

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