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Thread: 3 Enchantments?

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    3 Enchantments?

    Hello. How do I add 3 different levels of enchantment to an accessory?
    I see I have 1 available and the other 2 are X'd out. How do I unlock those?
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    Oooh, look at Mr. "I've got Cobalt armor" here.

    I think that it has something to do with the age of the item. Age 1 items can only have one enchantment and Age 4 items will be able to have 3 enchantments. Questions to the devs:

    1. Is this correct?

    2. What about Age 2 and Age 3 items? I did not find anything written about them.

    3. What about adding more optional items during the enchantment. The blogs say that this might result in an extra enchantment. Is this just an extra percentage, or does the item get to be enchanted again?

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    I'd just like to point out that if you look at the chat, I called Bremidon a slacker and he didn't argue at all.. just offered up excuses!

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    1. Yes - to be precise: Age 1/2 - 1 enchantment. Age 3 - 2 enchantments. Age 4 - 3 enchantments.
    2. See above
    3. The optional item you mentioned is the ability to use more than 1 Magic Essence - which will raise your % chance to create a Masterwork item (i.e. better stats version). This is no implemented yet.

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    Cool Rich. At least we can stop trying to shove a second enchantment on items right now

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