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Thread: New Patch & DevBlog - Wolves 2.0 Posted

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    New Patch & DevBlog - Wolves 2.0 Posted


    Patch Notes 40.1
    New patch is now live and can be downloaded through the launcher. Here are the major changes:

    • Wolves now spawn based on world location
    • The world is split into 75m square cells with each cell having a percentage chance to spawn wolves
    • This system will form the basis for all our creature spawning
    • Improved Wolf Locomotion & Attack Behaviour
    • Wolves are now much more agile and can turn on the spot
    • The wolf should now try and bite your screen so you can clearly see you're being hit
    • Tweaked camera shake when you get hit so it’s more noticeable
    • Tweaked card shake for when you hit other characters/creatures so it looks less glitchy
    • Implemented (work in progress) loading screen
    • Currently it’s a little laggy but it removes the issue of stalling at 0% and you can clearly see that the game hasn’t crashed
    • This lays the foundation for this system and we will be improving it further in a future update so it’s smoother
    • Streaming has been implemented for all objects in the game world
    • This means default pieces will show first before loading in the custom CTD shapes
    • New building pieces have been added
    • Sloped Half Wall
    • Corner Half Wall
    • Sloped Triangle Ceiling
    • Fixed a building issue where pieces were not connecting properly
    • Fixed invisible wolves issue

    DevBlog 42 - Wolves 2.0
    I've also just posted the latest DevBlog which you can read here:


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    Hi there! I just noticed that every time I open the Cardlife launcher, it makes me sign in again. I'm not sure if it's just something that I am having trouble on, or if it's something that everybody experiences...

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    I'm pretty sure it's always done that for me.

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    I like the extra camera motion - it highlights being hit nicely.
    The loading screen improvements are great, although it now pauses at 100%. The hints are nice, although I've found having them at the top of the screen a little odd - that could just be me though.

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    Your password doesn't currently save as we wanted to make sure its secure until we add that feature.

    I'm not seeing the pause at 100% although we have changed it again quite a lot so it might be fixed when we release the new version. The hint location is temporary really until we change the artwork of the loading screen

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