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Thread: Request/minor fix

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    Request/minor fix

    Feel free to ignore/comment as appropriate

    Currently putting down pieces and not being able to due to a collision with terrain is a bit frustrating. I know that Neil is working on something here. I'd love to see something like a collision indicator to show which bit of the piece I'm putting down has the problem with the terrain so I can see where I need to do a bit of work.

    Also, can we lose the crosshair in the middle of the screen? It doesn't seem to serve much purpose other than to frustrate screenshots

    Minor issue - when creating pieces to put down, the text displayed when the raw material is consumed tells you that you have collected the material rather than consumed the material.

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    That's an interesting idea re. collision. I'll definitely add it to the list to see if we can do something.

    Crosshair will be a toggleable option when we get round to adding options - that's already on the list

    I'll also add the last issue re. text to the bug list - should be a quick fix.

    As always really appreciate the feedback/bugs Zhang - keep them coming!

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