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Thread: Wolf Hotfix & DevBlog 40

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    Wolf Hotfix & DevBlog 40


    Patch 40
    We have just released a new hotfix patch that reduces the wolf population until we implement our proper spawning system with rules - but it has been invaluable up to this point so thank you for everyone who played the game during that period.

    DevBlog 40 - Weekly Update
    I have also just uploaded a behemoth DevBlog that you can read here - it goes into lots of detail about what we have been working on.


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    I am really excited for there to be new enemies, but I kind of find it a bit hard to figure out that the wolf character is actually a wolf... Maybe you could make it slightly more realistic? I don't mean to make it look like the box model, but you could increase the thickness of other pieces of cardboard on the model.

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    Hey Cake_Commander are you talking about this image?

    That is actually a Bear and is one of the next creatures we've been working on XD
    Admittedly it's not the best angle for the cardboard version but when you see it from different angles and animating you'll definitely not mistake it for a Wolf.

    I wish I could share with you the entire list that Rich has been working on as I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to get my teeth stuck into them and seeing them brought to life with Ryan's animations.

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