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Thread: What kind of modding system the game will have ?

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    What kind of modding system the game will have ?

    Hello there !

    I just bought the game and I'll love to see it evolve. It's also my first time i want to be active in the community and helping the development of the game as much as I can.

    I saw in the FAQ mods will be supported, and I recently saw an "universal" modding system called so I was wondering if the game will support this kind of modding system or if the developers plan to use their own.

    I'm looking forward to see how this game will evolve, including the community's creativity with mods !
    Thanks for reading and have a good day ^-^

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    Hey there

    We never say never to things like, which does look super interesting, but the way we've designed the game is to be fully data-driven from the group up.

    This means that we'll be taking a data-focused approach to modding too, with file editing at the heart of it. We've got a budding community of modders already, on here and on the discord

    Great to have you on board, welcome to the community!

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    -mod snip-
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