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Thread: Dev Blog 74 - Age 2 Preview

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    Dev Blog 74 - Age 2 Preview

    Dev Blog 74 is here, and it's a huge preview of everything in age 2! Not long now folks...

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    I can't wait for Age 2!!! Super excited for when it is released

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    Getting excited for Age 2.

    Deer- reasonable peacefull alternative once you work out their behavior.
    If we had some ranged weapons, or if deer were slightly slower than us - Would be fun to have the deer run away from people.

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    I can't wait for the new tools
    I may be an echo but I am faster than light!

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    Ready to give it a go.

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    any time frame for this update?

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    Hi guys,
    have you ever thought of your Lizzard man patrolling in groups of two or three over the map? (along a specific route?!) And why not let the carry a crate, which you could loot, after you have beat them up?! This could be a motivation for players to work together. Possible loot: Gold, mechanics, knowledge...

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    Still no invert mouse option?

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