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Thread: Missing controls stuff.

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    Missing controls stuff.


    I just picked up Cardlife as it looks very interesting to me. I am sure a number of these features have already been brought up as need, and I am sure you are working on them, but I figured I would though my input in as well.

    Mouse invert, this is a must as I get very frustrated trying to play otherwise. At this early point I would not even care it if was a file you could edit.

    Some form of grid lock or system for making things look sharper on the customize portion of the game. Honestly one of the features that drew me in, but I can't draw well, and with a mouse is just a joke.

    I hope once we get some fixes I can get some more time in and really dig deep into the game.

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    I would add on and say the addition of a look sensitivity option. Currently when using my mouse at 3200 DPI I still have to move it quite a bit just to look in a new cardinal direction. I understand options like this and many others are most likely in development, or are to be in development, but something like this in my opinion is just to important to be saved for later on.

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    Hey guys

    Settings are definitely coming, they're one of those things which are on the list and yet to be implemented, but they're coming!

    I believe some players have been able to mod the JSON files to alter this, it's worth searching the modding forum

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