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Thread: 2 respawn places

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    2 respawn places

    If you died you have no choice and the game respawn you to your bed again, but maby would a option in the window respawn where you want to respawn.

    " do you want to respawn in your bed , or do you want to respawn on the place you died "

    this because if you are realy deep in the caves you have no change to come back for your crate

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    Great idea maffie, I'm all for it.

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    Yeah this would be helpful if you die far away from home and all your "top gear" lies somewhere in the bushes. I already thought to remove my bed, to respawn near my chest...

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    The issue of more than one spawn point is an interesting one, but I'm not sure we'd have players respawning where their death box is - it's important to remember the core gameplay of CardLife, and if we took all the risk out of going underground I think it would lose something, especially with the more powerful Age 2 creatures coming in soon.

    There are definitely cases where players have more than one bed etc., which will need to be examined for sure!

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    Agree with Maffie! Please make this happen!

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    Maybe a death marker on the map? That way you at least have some idea of where you died and can work to get back to it.

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    That, and make it so the death chest stays around much, much longer. In addition to being able to see the beacon marker from very very far away AND when you get close to it too (in caves the marker will disappear before you get close enough to find it).

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