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Thread: What material is this?

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    What material is this?

    While spelunking, I came across a material that I couldn't mine with any of my picks (copper, iron, tungsten, cobalt or gold). What material is it, and what pick is needed to mine it?

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    Or this one?]WhatMaterial2.jpg
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    That's Carborundum Ore - you need a Titanium Pickaxe to mine that - it's an end game ore.

    The current list is - with the bold versions needed to mine the next tier of materials:


    The second attachment I couldn't view.

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    I fixed the picture now.

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    The second one is Meteorite I believe.

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    Yup, it definitely is. Couldn't mine it with a tungsten pick, but a thorium pick worked fine. Haven't yet seen titanium, mythril or protonium ores yet. Once I have, I was going to throw together a list of what ores look like what.

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    Wow you've been busy digging Zhang, quite impressed you actually found these as it's a bit gruelling mining so deep without the caves in the game.

    Bear in mind that the ore textures and materials that are currently in game are currently placeholder. I am working on their look at the moment and will be updating soon.

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    Thanks Mike! I'll hold off until I know that they are final(ish).

    Hints for others digging deep:
    • Start from somewhere near water so you have less terrain to dig through.
    • Dig a vertical shaft of about 27 layers at a time. That's about 9 digging attempts.
    • Offset your shaft after 27 layers, otherwise the fall detection is likely to spawn you topside again.
    • Make sure you have enough wood to make suitable picks as you go, you'll want to upgrade to increase your digging speed.
    • When you hit bottom, you'll find a layer of material that is much harder to dig. You can dig through and use it as a fast return to the topside.

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    Hi! It's been a long time since I played cardlife, and I have plans to play it later today because in Korea, it's morning. I was wondering if you could share a set of pictures that show all of the different types of ores. I've never actually found ores before, just sand, dirt, wood, and stone.
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    It's your lucky day then! I've put together the ores I have seen in this post.

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